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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I had a fun time with Audrey and Jim.  They took us to a winery and resort area near their town.  We had a wonderful afternoon sipping wine and snacking on the patio that overlooks the beautiful countryside.

Below is Audrey and Jim.

Unfortunately for me, it is spring here and pollen is everywhere.  I am having a heck of a time with my allergies.

On our drive between Cle Elum and Richland, we had a fun experience.

Our life is made up of a lot of experiences.  In my opinion, how we interpret those experiences determines the quality of our existence.  They don't have to involve money, or influential people, it just has to be appreciated.


In Sunnyside, WA we saw these cowboys(?) roping a make shift calf.

Here is the calf.

Here are the cowboys..

I am thinking there was definitely booze and money involved in their fun.

They kindly let me photograph them.  Actually when I pulled out the camera, things really got animated.

They had fun and I had a grand time too.

It is experiences like this that make me so happy to be part of the human race.

Today, we will be hugging kids and grandkids.  Can't get much sweeter than that.


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  1. I am loving your cowboy adventures! I'm guessing that there aren't many cowboy themed things down in Ecuador. I have always wanted to take my husband there, but getting a visa can get really complicated. After reading your blog, I miss it so much that it's worth trying to go back!


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