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Sunday, May 18, 2014

North Dakota Interstate 94

Dear Family and Friends,

I told you on my last post that I would share with you about Theodore Roosevelt National Park this time, but I was ahead of myself when I said that.  In order to keep the events of this road trip in order, I am going to show and tell about the highway from Bismark to the park.

Now just in case you might think the ride across North Dakota is boring, I am here to prove you wrong.  My goodness, so much to see.

There are not a lot of towns and people along the freeway, so I can understand one's reluctance to come to N.D.

But, near New Salem, not too many miles out of Bismark we saw this huge cow....

She doesn't look so big here, but we stopped and saw her up close.

Here is Chuck standing under her so that you can see her size.  She is the largest Holstien in the world.  N.D. seems to have a theme going.

Of course Matt wanted to clown around with "Sweet Sue."

We were having a good time playing around until I looked up on the hill behind us.  Oh my, that bull did not think we were being very respectful to his girl.

We decided to hop in the car quickly and head on down the road.

I did take a picture of the beautiful mountains we were yet to cross.  LOL

An hour or so later we saw another large display.  We pulled off the road and saw a tribute to migrating geese.

It was so large that you can hardly see Matt standing below the display.

Awhile later, we came to a real town.  Dickerson is where we had lunch.  They had a huge petrified tree stump on display right in the middle of town.  Matt came up with this clever way to pose so the picture would be more interesting.  Good ol' Chuck played along.

Before we knew it we were pulling into the National Park.

As you can see, driving Interstate 94 across N.D. is full of excitement.

The next post will be the awesome scenery in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

We are still having fun!



  1. I love the photos, especially of those mountain's you had to cross! ;)
    Matt and Chuck are looking very well... Let someone else have the camera so we can see you!

    1. Karen, you know I hate to give the camera over. There will be one coming up in a future post....somebody grabbed it away from me before I could object. LOL


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