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Sunday, May 25, 2014

South Dakota Prairie

Dear Family and Friends,

We drove from Mt. Rushmore across the prairie of South Dakota.  It was a long ride with little to break up the ride.  The grasslands and the flat terrain have their beauty, but we had our fill after about two hours.

The sights are many miles apart but they are there and we found them!

First we drove through the town of Sturgis.  We now have that checked off the bucket list.  It is a quiet town unless you happen to hit it in August during the motorcycle rally.

Here is a picture of downtown Sturgis.

We continued down the freeway seeing many signs advertising Wall Drug store.  We had to stop and see it.  This is the front of it, but this picture is deceiving.  It is huge and covers a whole city block.  It is a lot more than a drug store...almost a whole city inside.

Further down the road we came to Mitchell, home of the only Corn Palace on earth.  This is a picture of this year's design.  Each year they take down the corn and put up a new corn exterior.

We detoured off the freeway and went to the town of De Smet.  This was a fun place because this is the part of South Dakota that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about growing up on the prairie.

The school

This is the last house that Pa built.

We bought one of her books on CD and listened to it all the way to Minnesota.

We are now hugging grandkids again.

Heading back to Washington state tomorrow.


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