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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can't Get Enough.

Dear Family and Friends,

We have made this trip to the U.S. for three main reasons.

1. attend my 50th high school reunion,
2 take our son, Matt, on a vacation and
3. attend the wedding of our nephew

We have been killing time between reason 2 and 3 since Dan's wedding is not until this Friday.

We have had more time than we usually do on our trips back here.  This turns out to be a good thing.

After our vacation with Matt, we ended up back in the south east.

Chuck and I have been so fortunate to have mini visits with some of my former high school friends.

We met up with Judy Self Ray and W.A. Tucker for dinner at a steak house in Alabama.

When we were on our way to Cherokee, N.C. I heard from my long time friend, Carla.  We met her and her husband, Paul, at the casino and had dinner.

And here is my friend Dannette.  She and I went to school together from kindergarten to graduation.
She invited us to visit her at her beautiful lake house in South Carolina.

On our way back to Columbus, Georgia we stopped in Augusta to visit my Aunt Shirley.  We had nice visit and breakfast with her and my cousin Laurie.

Each one of these visits was so special to me.  Chuck and I are so blessed.

We are now packed and off to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  My sister's son, Dan, is getting married there on Friday.



  1. You two are our travel role models. You're truly living the dream!

    1. Edd, I think you and Cynthia are a close second to us. You two seem to be traveling all the time. Ain't it fun?


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