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Friday, October 3, 2014

FOTO FRIDAY - 10/3/14

Dear Family and Friends,

We brought some Trappy's pepper sauce to Cuenca from the U.S. a couple of years ago.  We use the vinegar that surrounds the peppers for seasoning our food.  When the vinegar is gone, I just put more over the peppers in the jar and let it absorb the heat and flavor of the peppers.  Then we use it again.  After awhile the sauce doesn't get so hot any more.

Tomorrow is fish day at the market.  That means it is also tiny HOT pepper day too.  Tomorrow I will go to the market and get me some fresh peppers.  They aren't tabasco peppers, but they will work will well because they are very hot.

Have a great weekend my friends.



  1. I love your photo Fridays but I miss your travel blogs. I thought about you when my husband and I recently traveled to Estonia. What a lovely country! - Helen in New York


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