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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chuck and his Scooter

Dear Family and Friends,

A year ago Chuck got a cute red scooter for Christmas.

He rode it around town a lot.  He liked it because he did not have to worry about where to park.  Downtown that is a big consideration.  

Chuck has always acted younger than his actual age, in fact I call him the Energizer Bunny.

Well last Thursday he had his batteries pulled and the Energizer Bunny came to a halt.  

He took a fall off his scooter and did a number on his shoulder.  He didn't think he had done any serious dammage, but an xray showed that he had dislocated his clavical...actually he popped the ligament that holds it in place.

Thursday he had successful surgery to fix it back in place.  He came through surgery with flying colors.  We think he will be dismissed from the hospital on Friday.  

Thank you to all our friends and family for your support.  All of you are precious to us.



  1. Slow down a little and take time to let this heal. Love to you both, Mary

    1. Mary, Chuck is feeling so much better this morning now that his clavical is in place. I'm not sure that there will be slowing down for him. The doctor just came by and told him no scooter riding until he is healed. We are heading home in a few minutes and looking forward to having a restful weekend. Love back to you my friend.

  2. Good grief that's some bruising! Chuck, take it easy, but just like a horse, you gotta get back on the thing.

  3. Peter, I totally agree with the "taking it easy", but the "gotta get back on the thing" makes me shiver. Riding motos here in Cuenca is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal. In North America cars are driven in a predictable manner, but here...well all I can say is I have never seen the likes of how people drive. I know you are a bike guy and have traveled all over the world. Just be careful and know that we love you and want you safe.

  4. Sending prayers for Chuck!!!! Love your blog, keep sharing! Melanie

    1. Thanks Melanie...your prayers are very much appreciated. He is doing better, less pain. We think physical therapy is what is happening next. We are leaving to go back to the U.S. in April to hug grand babies, so he has about a month to get well. I am taking a little break from blogging while playing the nurse role. Hope to be back soon.


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