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Friday, August 28, 2015

Both Hands Repaired and All Is Well!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Today Chuck got both of his hands repaired.  He has Dupuytren's Contracture in both hands.  This is a disease that causes your fingers to curl in towards the palm of the hand, giving it a nickname of "claw hand."

About 10 years ago Chuck had a procedure done to straighten his fingers.  It was very successful.  Over the last 10 years since his first procedure the fibers have grown back causing his fingers to, once again, curl.

The whole purpose of this trip was to have this procedure done.

I took these pictures this morning in our hotel room.  This is to show you how Chuck's hands looked before we went to the doctor.

After coffee and a roll, we went to the train station to buy a ticket to Soisy Sous Montmorency, a suburb of Paris.

Here is Chuck buying our tickets.

The trains run in this direction about 15 minutes apart.  Here is ours, waiting for us.

After getting off the train Chuck asked for directions from a meter maid.  After 10 years we were a little rusty.

We arrived at his office about an hour before the appointment so we walked to a local pub type restaurant for lunch.

We ordered the plate of the day.  This is typically offered in restaurants in France.  It is a set menu and offers a meal at a good price.

We choose the entree and plate....(salad and main dish) for $12.90 each.

The salad had boiled egg halfs topped with a seasoned mayonnaise.  I've seen this offered on other menus here so I guess it is French.

Our main dish was seafood filled ravioles with a mild white sause.

It filling and actually, we were not that hungry.

We walked down the street to find Dr. Badois' office.

Once there, Dr. Badois examined Chuck's hands.

Time to go to work.  This is a procedure that is done in the office.

Applying antiseptic.

Numbing Chuck's hand.

Cutting the fibers with the beveled edge of the special needle.

In a short time it was time to bandage.

Next, Dr. Badois moved to Chuck's other hand.

Same procedure as before.

All finished....happy patient and happy doctor!

Chuck has to keep his hands bandaged for three days and can not do any heavy lifting.

We will be here through the weekend just to make sure everything is fine before we head home.

Chuck created a website 10 years ago when he had this procedure done the first time.  I am including the link here just in case you know of someone who may benefit from this procedure.

Oh, the weather was great today and should be good tomorrow.  

Love you all,


  1. I had the same procedure done here over a year ago at the Social Security hospital in Cuenca. So far so good. Congrats, Chuck!

    1. Edd, we are so happy with the wonderful results you have experienced with the surgery you had in Cuenca. Chuck chose to not go the surgery route...instead he preferred the simple non invasive 30 minute office procedure that provided the same results he would have had from surgery. This technique to widely used in France.


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