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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Birthday Get Away

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are in California staying with out grandson, Bryce, for six weeks while our daughter is away.

Bryce went to fifth grade camp Wednesday through Friday of last week.  Chuck and I used this "off duty" time for a quick trip to Reno.

It is about a four hour drive to Reno from Dublin, California.

Looking out our room window....yep this is Reno...not Vegas.

When we get tired of throwing out money into the slot machines, we take time out at the bar.  Here is Chuck enjoying his pipe while catching up on his email.

Thursday was Chuck's birthday.  Here is a cute picture of the birthday boy.

 The first thing people ask when you go to Reno or Vegas is how much did you win?  I always say if we can break even then we are winners.

We had a big celebration dinner including a bottle of fabulous wine for Chuck's big day....all from winnings.

The best thing is that we still have each other and that makes us both big winners.


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  1. Happy birthday Chuck, from Shelagh and I. Nice to see the town of Reno funded the party!


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