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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Island Hopping in the Galapagos

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I returned from California about three weeks ago.  We were home for a couple of weeks and then flew to the Galapagos for a week of cruising some of the islands.

We returned last weekend.  Since then I have spent days trying to put together a slideshow and share it in this post.  I did get a wonderful slideshow made, but I am not able to add it here.  So I am finally relenting and will share the pictures that are in the slide show.

We flew to the island of Baltra, where the airport is located.

We cruised the islands on the Celebrity Xpedition.  It is a small cruise ship because big cruise ships are not allowed in the Galapagos.  Our cruise ship was as large as is allowed and held 100 passengers.

We were treated like royalty on this all inclusive cruise.  They provided binoculars, snorkeling gear, all the alcoholic drinks you wanted and charged no excursion fees.  

We were met at the airport and we waited in a private lounge for all passengers to arrive on their flights.

From the time we arrived at the airport until we departed back to Ecuador, the cruise line handled all our luggage.  Everything was taken care off.  

We boarded a bus and were taken a short distance to a dock, where we were met by zodiac boats and transported to the ship. As soon as we were aboard we had the mandatory muster drill.

The food was very good and, as I said earlier, the drinks were free flowing. 

As we started our cruise we watched the birds and the scenery.

In my next post I will start sharing all the cool animals, birds and plants we saw.



  1. As usual - great pix. Using Google photos?

  2. All the photos are great, of course, but the last one is a stunner. Can't wait for the next post!

    1. Thanks Audrey. You and Jim should add a week in the Galapagos on one of your future trips down here. Nothing else like it.

  3. Excellent! Looking forward to more pictures. Shelagh and I are spending three months in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. And we are loving it. However, Ecuador is still on the list...

  4. Peter, we have never been to Miguel de Allende but we have heard that it is wonderful. Have a great three months. Hope to see you in Cuenca one day.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I hope to see Ecuador too some day. If you are interested you can read abiut our time in San Miguel de Allende here...

      Cheers, love your pictures!

    2. Thanks Peter for the link to your blog. Now I can enjoy following you my friend.


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