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Monday, February 29, 2016

Buenos Aires

Dear Family and Friends,

As you know, our time in Buenos Aires was one day shorter than we had planned, but since this was our third trip, we just took it in stride.

We were able to board the cruise ship the day after we arrived at about 1:00pm.

Since we were mainly going on this trip to see Carnival in Rio (which is quite costly...but I will get to that in another post) we decided to get an inside cabin room on the boat on the second deck. This means that you have no window or balcony to see a view, but it also means that you save lots of money on the price of the cruise.

We went through the free for all of checking in at the port. During the check in process, the lady could not find our room key. She went to her supervisor and asked about this. Her supervisor came to us and said we had been moved to another room on the eighth deck.

When we finally got to our room we were absolutely delighted to find we had a nice size room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Why us? I cannot say, because this was only our second cruise with Celebrity. It is not like we have built up loyalty with them. All I can guess is that the universe was reimbursing us for the airline problems the day before. ????

The interesting thing about this cruise is that although we boarded the ship on a Sunday, it did not sail away until Monday evening.  This gave us one full day to enjoy Buenos Aires.

Chuck and I headed out on Monday and enjoyed the tourist pedestrian area. Here are some pictures...

We enjoyed the free day and returned to the ship for a great dinner and show as we sailed out of port.

Next stop...Brazil.



  1. You have been living your life right.. Karma is a good thing in your life!

    1. I think Chuck has the good karma. He is a good soul. I'm sticking with him!


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