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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Crazy Hollywood, CA

Dear Family and Friends,

We finally made our way to Hollywood.  We told Matt that we would be in Los Angeles for a couple of days and he could do anything he wished.  We were thinking Disneyland or Universal Studios.  We were surprised when he said he wanted to go to Hollywood and see all the stars in the sidewalk.

Chuck booked us into a hotel about three blocks from Hollywood Boulevard where the Walk of Fame is located.  It was perfect, we did everything by foot.

And we walked and walked.  We saw every star there was to see.  At the end of that day we had walked 5 miles according to my pedometer.  Matt was thrilled, he took so many pictures of his favorite stars that his battery went dead.  I photographed the ones he couldn't with my camera.

I am going to share some stars I found interesting.  

Like this one.... who'd have thought Dear Abby would have a star?

or Tinker Bell for that matter.

I was really surprised when I saw this star.  If you are as old as dirt like I am, you may remember Pinky Lee from live television in the 50's.  If you want a bit of nostalgia go to this link and watch him sing his opening song.  Pinky Lee Show

Oh my goodness, I didn't expect to find him here.

This star surprised us the most.  Chuck asked "Wonder what we did?"

It turns out that way back in early film making (late 20's and early 30's) there was a Watson family with many, many children.  They lived next door to the studio. Whenever a director needed an extra child in a scene, he would send out a request of how tall, or what age and the mom would send a kid over to the studio.
Here is a fun link to read:  WATSON FAMILY

Here is a link to some fun facts about the Hollywood Walk of Fame:  Fun Facts

There is a lot of craziness happening on Hollywood Blvd.  We joined in and had a grand ol' time. 

Here is Chuck standing beside a replica of the tallest man ever.

Matt got into it with Batman.  

and Shrek almost ran him over.

We did the Hop On Hop Off bus tour on day two.  Here are a few pictures of that adventure.

The iconic Capital Records building.

Right next door to Hollywood is this famous neighborhood.

Don't you just love the palm lined streets?

This sign let's you know that you are at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Here is the entrance to Paramount Studios.  There are two gates, the black one in front of this picture and if you look way back you can see the arch gate that has been used in several movies.

This is the Los Angeles Union train station.  This station has also been used in many movies.

We had an action packed, fun filled two days in Hollywood.  We would have loved to stay longer but we had to get down the road to San Diego.

I will share about that experience on my next post.



  1. Such wonderful memories you are making! Matt is so lucky to have such adventuresome parents!

    1. Thank you Karen. We look forward to our vacation with Matt every year.


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