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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Techie...I'm Not

Dear Family and Friends,

If you read this blog from Facebook, or if you have the posts come to your email, then what I am about to share does not apply.

BUT if you have a bookmark for this blog or if you follow it in Xpadorian Blogs, then if you want to know what happened between San Diego and Arizona you will have to go to this link:  Between San Diego and Arizona.  I know it is confusing but what I am confessing is that I accidentally back dated my last post.

If you don't get what I am trying to say...forget it...just come on to Arizona with us.

Chuck and I flew to Phoenix, Arizona, rented a car, and drove to Mesa.

The next day we were fortunate to get to hang out with our good friends, Charlie and Bruce.

Here we are so happy to see each other.

For all who know Charlie and Bruce, we want to report how good they looked. They have just bought a new home and are getting settled in Mesa.  It was so good to see them.  (In case you can't tell who is who, Charlie and I are the dark guys on the left of the photo and Chuck and Bruce are the white guys on the right).

The next morning we drove from Mesa to Tucson.  Audrey and Jim moved to Tucson last year and we wanted to visit them and see their new digs.

Audrey cooked us a wonderful dinner.  Lamb chops, collard greens and sweet potatoes.  What a glorious dinner.  Audrey taught me that you don't have to cook collard greens for 2 hours.  Back home, in the South, my grandmother started cooking greens by 10am to prepare for dinner at noon.

The following day, Audrey, Jim, Chuck and I drove to Green Valley about 40 miles south of Tucson.  We went to visit a couple more good friends.  Clarke and Brenda.  They too were our friends in Ecuador and they moved back to the U.S. about two years ago.

They are living the good life.  Summer months in Bend, Oregon and winter months in Green Valley, Arizona.

This first picture was so cute, I just had to add it to the post.  Chuck named it the Three Amigos.  I named the picture "Three Old Farts."  Anyway, they all look handsome and happy in their sombreros and tropical shirts.

Here is another picture that Audrey took.  You can see Brenda is looking great too.  

There were two other couples, that have moved to the U.S. from Ecuador, that were close by, but we did not get to see them on this trip.

Bea and Bob Wetmore moved to Ashland, Oregon and we are going to visit them on one of our future trips, but this trip we were packing too much stuff into too little time.  We did think about you two a lots though B&B.

The other couple we were close to but did not see were Linda Atkisson and Tom Peddecord.  We actually waved to them as we whizzed by White Salmon, WA on the train.

The next day, we turned our car in at the Tucson airport.  Then we flew to Atlanta, Georgia.  We went to Columbus to get all the stuff we left at my sister's house and rested a couple of days.

On Wednesday, we flew from Atlanta to Quito.  We arrived around 11pm, like most flights do coming into Quito from the U.S.  We tried out the new Wyndham hotel located on the airport property and we give it a high rating.  They picked us up at the airport and we were in our hotel room getting ready for bed 10 minutes after leaving the airport.

The next morning, Thursday, they delivered us to the airport.  We flew to Cuenca and arrived home around 3pm.  I did not even start to unpack.  I went straight to bed and slept for two hours.

When I woke up, I found Chuck at the computer planning our next trip.

It is so good to be back home.



  1. Well Dang! NEXT trip its the Wydham for me!

  2. Replies
    1. Leigh, we did have a very good time. Being with family is so important. After we returned I learned that you have moved back to the "old country" to be with your family. I wish you much happiness and the best of everything.


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