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Thursday, June 23, 2016

River Walk

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been quite cool here in Cuenca for the past couple of weeks.  The skies have been mostly overcast and we have had a lot of rain.

Today, Chuck and I, took a walk on the Tomebamba river before breakfast.

The river is high because of all the rain in the Cajas (mountains west of Cuenca).

Here is a the view looking up river from our bridge.

We crossed the bridge and walked up the other side of the river and returned on our side of the river.  As you can see, it river is lined with Eucalyptus trees.

A nice stone bench for a crowd.  Chuck decided to try it out.

Two new condos.  They appear to be about 75 percent complete.  The owners will have nice unobstructed views of the river.

The condos aren't the only new construction.  This sign says that a habitat for amphibians is being built here.

We saw this dove searching for breakfast.

I took this picture from the other bridge.  It is down river view.

This portion of the walk was serine.  I love the twisty trunked tree on the left.

This tree had been in distress at one time.  Bobwire had been tied around the trunk in several places.  The tree survived and although some of the bark is missing is quite beautiful.

Some tree trunks are host to other plants.

Here is some wild flowers growing in the field across the street from the restaurant where we had breakfast.

We had our well earned breakfast at our new neighborhood restaurant, The Vegetable Bar.  It is located right across from the river.  You can eat inside or on their huge terrace.

We love that it is only a block from our place.

We are hoping to see more sunshine soon, but even without it, it is a beautiful world here in Ecuador.



  1. Ok, is that a pitcher of coffee that Chuck has? Can't wait to try that place.

    1. Audrey, I think it is the cream pitcher. However, it is a good place.

  2. I love that walk. That is one of the things I miss about living over there!
    And that frog area was our favorite place to get down by the river... when it was low..

  3. Karen, the water is pretty high now. The other day a couple of policemen came along and shooed all the people away that were washing their clothes in the river.


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