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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bus Trip through the Cajas

Dear Family and Friends,

Awhile back, maybe six weeks ago, Chuck and I needed to go to Guayaquil. We had to go to get a Chinese visa in our passports.  We are headed to China the first of October.

Driving through the Caja National Park (Andes Mountains) is nice, but with fog and all it can be tense, especially for the driver.  Guayaquil is a big city and driving there is not fun.  So we decided to take the bus.

We have not taken the public bus since we bought Puff Puff (our car) many years ago.  We rediscovered what an easy and comfortable way this is to get to Guayaquil.

I sat by the window and took pictures.  Even though the window was dirty I got some nice pictures of the Cajas to share.  I have never been able to do this from the car because in the car I am sitting much lower.

Nice view of a valley.

A little house in the Andes.

Another beautiful valley.

Climbing higher and we are almost in the clouds.

This little church looks mystical perched in the mountains surrounded by the clouds.

Another little house in the Andes.

We had just come out of the Cajas on our way back to Cuenca when I took this picture of the road that lay ahead.  One of my favorite pictures ever.

This picture is of the houses that are along the Tomebamba river just before you arrive in Cuenca.

We really enjoyed taking the bus.

In a little over a week we are leaving for Minnesota.  We will be going to the Minnesota State Fair with our kids and grandkids.  The grandchildren are involved with 4-H and we are excited to share this with them.



  1. Have fun in Minnesotta! I am off to Oregon on the 30th. :) Will catch up with you when we all get back in town

    1. Have a great time with your mom. We will definitaly get together after we both get back to Ecuador.


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