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Thursday, September 29, 2016

In the Air Again...

Dear Family and Friends,

It seems like we just returned from our trip to Minnesota.  We have had about three weeks to unpack, do laundry, catch up with friends and repack for our next trip.

On Monday we are leaving for a two month trip.  First, we are headed to China for a month.  The first two weeks will be with family and we are excited about that. The second two weeks we will be on our own, with a tour guide, touring southern China. Then we will fly to Singapore for a few days before we get on our cruise to Australia and New Zealand.  We will return to Cuenca the second week in December.

Chuck has his little handy dandy smiley face neck rest packed and ready.

For this trip we will have little internet access.  Chuck found this link that you can use to find out what URL's can be accessed in China.  You can use this link to see if your email or website can be seen in China. 

We will not have access to our blog, Facebook, or even my gmail account. Maybe Chuck will be able to receive email with his ymail account but we don't know for sure.

I can not be sharing posts on the blog about this trip until we return in December.
I have reinstated FOTO FRIDAY, beginning tomorrow, to have photos from our past to keep us in your thoughts until we return.



  1. Have a nice trip... we anxiously await your photos.


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