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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chengdu, China - Panda Research Center

Dear Family and Friends,

Our next stop is Chengdu, home of the one of the largest panda breeding facilities in the world. Due to many factors, including habitat destruction, pandas have become an endangered species.

We were walking the trail, following our tour guide, with our eyes searching for a glimpse of a panda. What we saw first was a peacock roaming around the grounds.  No tail fanfare but it was a beautiful bird none the less.

We also saw Red Pandas, who aren't pandas at all, but part of the raccoon family.

We even saw some Black Swains.  They were sharing the lake with lots of big Koi. This is the first time I had ever seen a black swain.  

But the most popular animals we saw, by far, were the Giant Pandas.

It was fun to watch the interaction between the baby pandas and the care taker.

When he finished caring for them, he stacked up for a nap.

These are my two favorite panda pictures.

Tomorrow we travel to Chongqing to embark our boat to cruise the Yangtze river.


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