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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cruising the Yangtze River - The Three Gorges

Dear Family and Friends,

We boarded the boat, Century Sun, in Chongqing in the late afternoon.  Our tour of about 38 people were the only people on the boat until the next morning. We had a marvelous dinner on the boat before we settled down for the evening.

All the state rooms had balconies.  We watched the comings and goings of the river traffic.

Dinner cruise boats...

even into the night.

The next morning the other guests arrived and we started our cruise.

Our first stop was Shibaozhai Temple.  

It was built in 1650, and the legend is the higher you ascend the more your prayers will be answered. I looked up from where I was standing at the base, handed Chuck the camera, and asked him to please pray for something great as he climbed.

He took this picture as he was on his way up.

He made it and here is his picture of the top of the temple as proof.

The next day we took these small boats up the Shennv Stream.  The trip took us on a scenic journey through the canyon.

Here is our view as we were entering the first of the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge.

We had a great view of the cities that had been built to house the people who used to live below, before the river was flooded by building the dam.

Below, I think this is the Ghost City, known for it's Taoist, Buddhist and Confucianist ties to spirits and the afterlife. Due to flooding from the dam project most of the original city has been relocated to higher ground.

Gorge two, Wuxia Gorge

Our last gorge was Wuxia Gorge.

Our trip ended with a tour of the dam.

Beautiful scenery and a beautiful trip.  

We disembarked in Yichang, had lunch and then flew to Shanghai.

Next post will be about our visit in Shanghai.


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