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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

I posted this picture on Facebook this week, with the comment "It's been a tough year. Now it is time to let go and spread peace and love.

We do not have cable, so we do not watch TV.  I occasionally check the news from the U.S., but that is getting to be less often because it makes me feel unsettled.  The fact that my family and friends in the U.S. are so divided from each other makes me very sad.

The lovely thing, for me, about living in Cuenca is that my world is as tranquil as I want it to be.  It is easier for me to feel love and peace here.

Speaking of that, here are some pictures I took yesterday at the Christmas Eve children's parade.
Hoping that they put a smile on your face and love in your heart.  

The excitement, about getting ready for the parade, on this child's face is so special to me.

This is Reina de Cuenca, "Miss Cuenca."

Maybe he is supposed to be a Wise Man, not exactly sure.

Here is a little shepherd and a little Chola (Indigenous Lady)

This whole family dressed as Indigenous people.

Cute clown...

Three Wise Men...

A view from the bridge on Unidad National Avenue.  You can see the cue of participants waiting for the parade to start moving for them.  This might be about one fifth of the participants.  The line starts way before here and goes all the way to downtown.

Ho Ho Ho...Beautiful Santa Ladies.

Precious little shepherd.

Another cute Chola. This is a very popular costume in the parade. I think it is because the Chola is very unique to the Andes and Cuenca.

Not sure about this little one, but he is precious....

Another cute Chola..

As we walked back to our condo, we saw this guy bringing his kid and his decorated horse to join in the parade.  They were walking the path along the river.

I am hoping that 2017 can be a year where we stop believing everything we read or hear, and we all can become more tolerant of each other, embracing each other's uniqueness. It is time to be quiet, listen to 
our hearts, not the ranting that is going on around us.

It is my time, and I hope yours too, to make this a peaceful, loving world.



  1. So glad both of you get to enjoy all the
    beauty surrounding El Pase del NiƱo
    Viajero parade. Blessings for both in
    this New Year too!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much and blessings to you too in the New Year.


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