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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wonderful Trip...Now Time to Share

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I returned from our trip Monday, a week ago.  We spent two months traveling China, Australia and New Zealand with a couple of other stops in between.

It has taken me a week to recover enough to start sharing about our trip.  We arrived home in a jet lag fog that lasted almost a week.  They say traveling east is harder on your body than traveling west.  I believe it, because when we flew to China, we adjusted very quick.  But coming home from Australia was a different story.

We flew to Beijing, China a day ahead of our tour starting.  We did this so we could get adjusted to our new time before we headed out.

We spent our free day at the antique/flea market and shopping at the pearl market.

Here are some photos from the antique/flea market.

We didn't buy anything at this market.  It was fun looking around and especially fun seeing what type of "stuff" was sold at a Chinese flea market.

There was a whole section of stone and cement statues.  Chuck's eyes were wide as he gazed at all the selection available for purchase.  Lucky for us it was only day one of a two month trip.  We admired the statues and imagined which one we would put in the garden if we could get one home.

We enjoyed the afternoon at the pearl market.  We did do some shopping there but no pictures.  We bought some electronics and a few gifts for the grandkids.

Tomorrow our first tour begins and I will share that with you then.

Much love,

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