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Sunday, January 8, 2017

China - Jiuzhou Old Street

Dear Family and Friends

Today we went to Jiuzhou, the old historical part of town.  I am posting this in two separate posts. One about these embroidery balls and next time about the artist we met.

This town makes these beautiful embroidery balls all by hand. Even their light posts has the embroidery balls as the symbol of their town.

We were fascinated with the amount of work that went into each ball.  

These balls are hanging on rods ready to be purchased.

Here is a lady embroidering one of the sections.

And some more ladies busy embroidering.

Many Chinese homes and stores have these balls hanging inside. They represent good luck, good health and longevity.

Did we buy one?  You bet!

Next post, all about the artist that resides on this historic street in Jiuzhou.


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