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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sydney, Australia - Watson Bay

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I arrived back in Sydney, Australia exactly two weeks after we left.

We got off the ship (this time for good!). Chuck had secured us an apartment for one week in Sydney so that we could enjoy the city before we returned to Ecuador.

There was one spot in Sydney that was high on our list.  That place was Watson's Bay. Gotta go there if it has our name, and besides we heard that was the best place to go for fish and chips.

We went there on the city bus. The bus let us off about two blocks from this beautiful sight.

Watson's Bay is a small area with a nice park. I heard chirping and looked up to see a tree filled with these colorful birds.  They are Lorikeets.  

We hiked a bit to get to this naval site. This is as far as we could go...just to the gate, but that was close enough for Chuck to pose for this picture.

HMAS Watson is a training base controlled by the Royal Australian Navy.

After poking around there we hiked backed down to the city park.  It was there that we found the famous Doyles fish and chips bar. 

Chuck has octopus and chips,

and I had calamari and chips.

We decided to return by the ferry instead of the city bus.  Good for us, we went right past the Sydney Opera House on the way to the central harbor terminal.


  1. octopus and chips! Yum. What a gorgeous spot.

    1. Audrey, I got sick on octopus once, here in Cuenca, and I will never eat it again. Chuck loves it.


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