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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tianzi Mountain, China

Dear Family and Friends,

These first two pictures are not mine.  They are to show you what we expected to see.

We did see the winding road as we went to the top of the mountain from the sky lift car.

However, when we got to the top, it was foggy.  The top had a cloud sitting on the top, which is usually the case.  It made our experience not so scary.

When came to the glass walkway we had to put slippers over our shoes.

Finding some slippers large enough to go over Chuck's shoes was a challenge.

Here is Chuck on the glass walkway.  

Since it was foggy we could not see very far below us.  But, at least, we can tick that walkway off our bucket list.

After we finished the walk across, I took pictures of folks coming across behind us.  As you can see, it is a very popular thing to do.

We came down the mountain on, believe it or not, escalators.  We did a series of about twenty or more long escalators to get half way down.

At one point there were thousands of love locks.  Wish we had known, we could have left a good 'ol Yale lock in amongst them.

Here we are half way down, still in the cloud.

We took a tourist bus on the twisty road from here to to the bottom.

We had a wonderful dinner with our tour guide and driver before going to the airport.  Our next tourist location was Nanning.  I will share our adventures around there is the next post.


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