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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tlaxacala, Mexico

Dear Family and Friends,

The other day we took another day trip to Tlaxcala, Mexico. 

We started our trip with a visit to the artisan museum.

One of my favorite items were the hand embroidered blouses.

Here is Chuck and Bob in front of a replica of an Otomi adobe house.

Inside we saw items they use daily, especially in the kitchen.

Here is a close up of the tedious embroidery work.

This is an Otomi lady and she is wearing an embroidered blouse and belt.

Spanish colonial ceramics.  This is just one example of the beautiful pottery found in this area.

The stained glass ceiling of the House of Legislature in Tlaxcala. It has the four kings of the Tlaxcalan republic.

The parish of St. Joseph.  It is located on the main plaza.

Chuck and Bob having lunch at the Portals Restaurant.  Lots of outside eating in the area because of the year round perfect weather.

Bob and I had the delicious Aztec soup.  It is similar to tortilla soup that you can buy in the U.S.

This fountain is inside the patio of the Mayor's office.  It is covered with beautiful fresh flowers.

Outside kitchen with many colorful ingredients.  Red and Green salsas.  The cheese looks like mozzarella, but it is string cheese from Oaxaca.

Chuck standing in front of the sign that shows distances to cities all over the world.  Where to next Chuck?

This is the three arches symbolizing faith, hope and charity at the convent.

The oldest bull ring that is still operating in Mexico. It seats 2500 people.

The open chapel of Moorish design. It was built because the natives feared going into buildings at first.

One of the many murals inside the Governors Palace. The murals show the history of the Tlaxcalan people from the crossing of the Bering straight to the revolution.

Tlaxcala is a wonderful town. Actually, if Chuck and I had discovered it ten years ago, we could easily have retired there instead of Cuenca.  The weather is about the same and it is at about the same altitude. 

This has been a very enlightening trip for us. Mexico is a wonderful and progressive country with very friendly people.



  1. We had a great time last year in San Miguel, and we look forward to seeing much more of Mexico. Your pictures are beautiful, and the food looks delicious.

  2. Peter, If you do more of Mexico I highly recommend Puebla and Tlaxcala. Tlaxcala is about a 45 minute bus ride from Puebla. If you need a tour guide I really recommend Bob Cox. Let me know if you go and I will provide information to you to get in touch with him.


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