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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hosting our Daughter and Granddaughters

Dear Family and Friends,

In the first week of March, Chuck and I drove to Quito to meet our special visitors, our daughter, Merri and granddaughters, Joy and Kyla May.  Driving to Quito is a long day of driving, so we decided to break the trip up into two days by staying at a Hacienda right outside of Riobamba.

The stay there was wonderful and relaxing.  We had a great dinner and a good nights rest before continuing our trip.

We met Merri and the girls in Quito.  We stayed there a couple of nights so that we could take them on the double deck bus tour and also to the equator.

First day in Quito was the double deck bus city tour.

The next day we went to the middle of the earth.

Kyla May enjoying her seafood brochette at a restaurant in Quito

We drove from Quito to Banos for two or three nights.

Here is Joy enjoying ice cream in Banos.

They enjoyed a lot of the activities that Banos offers.  Below is Merri, Joy and Chuck on a cable car crossing the canyon and over the waterfalls.

Here is Joy swinging out over the top of the world.

After Banos, we spent one night in the jungle before we made the long drive to Cuenca.

Their Cuenca stay was very busy.  Double deck bus tour of Cuenca was the first day.  Here the girls are in the park after the tour.

They went zip lining in Cuenca one day and went to San Bartolome another day to buy a ukelele.

Another day was spent at a cooking class.  Leslie Breen taught them how to make scotch eggs, a souffle, pavalova and other delights.

We were invited by Lourdes to Jefferson's fifteenth birthday party.  That was a great cultural experience for them.

And, we went to the Cajas for a hike around the lake.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful trout lunch at Dos Chorreras where the girls went horseback riding.

A busy, busy time.  Last Friday, we flew to Quito and put them on their flight back to Minnesota.  Chuck and I stayed in Quito over the weekend and returned to Cuenca Monday evening.

Now we are getting ready to head back to Washington state to see our kids and grandkids there.  

I will share about that next time.



  1. A nice family get together. It sure is beautiful there...

    1. Peter, It was a nice time together. We were sad when they had to fly away.

  2. It was so nice to get to meet up with them in Gualaceo. Hope to cross paths in Washington.

    1. I am happy that that worked out. Wish I could have been there too. Yes, I do hope our paths cross in Washington.


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