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Friday, July 21, 2017

Baltic Cruise - Tallinn, Estonia

Dear Family and Friends,

We were now into our third day of the cruise and I was feeling well enough to get off the ship and go into the town of Tallinn.

I took this picture of the city center before we got off the ship.  It gives you an idea of the city.  This place reminds you of a city in a fairy tale, it seems like it should have a princess and maybe a dragon.

Although the town was very walkable from the ship, we took a taxi into town.

There was a large plaza with plenty of vendors.

A portal in the ancient wall of the city.

The streets were narrow and cobble stone.  It was just beautiful.

So glad I did not miss this stop.

Our next port was St. Petersburg, Russia.  Really looked forward to this one.

I will share about it in my next post.


PS:  Click here Previous Trip to Tallinn to view pictures of when we were there before.


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