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Monday, July 17, 2017

Matt's Vacation - Hakodate and Sapporo Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

Our first stop was in Hakodate, Japan.  We had the warmest welcome by local school girls.  They practiced their English with us and welcomed us to their city.

We went on a ship tour to Onuma National Park.  We had a fun hike along the wooded trails.  The park has several lakes.

You can rent a paddle boat for a do-it-yourself lake tour.

Or, you can take a mini cruise on a river boat. That is what we did.

It was an overcast, grey day, but we enjoyed the tour in spite of the weather.

After our boat trip, we had a wonderful Japanese hibachi salmon lunch.

From there, we went into the town of Hakodate.  We went up Goryokaku Tower that let us overlook a old star shaped fortress that has been turned into a beautiful park.

Lastly, we went up a cable car to Mt. Hakodate's observatory and had some fantastic views, again, in spite of the heavy overcast skies.

After a sea day we stopped in Sapporo, Japan.  We had the opportunity to go on a brewery tour but decided to check out the local Dalso store. (same as a dollar store)  We wanted to shop there before we left Japan and this was our last opportunity.

After shopping we went to the local fish market and had a delightful lunch of king crab.  Of course there was Sapporo beer involved.

After lunch we toured the market before making our way back to the ship.

My dizzy spells seemed to be better.  I was able to do all the tours and get by.


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