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Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Day in the Cotswolds

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck booked us on two day trips out of Bath before we left on this trip.  He made an excellent choice of tours.  The first day trip was of the Cotswolds. 

Our first stop was at the village of Castle Combe. The village is famous for it's weavers' cottages as well as being used as a film location for the original Dr. Doolittle movie, Stardust and Warhorse. 

Although the skies were cloudy and we had spurts of rain, the tour was wonderful. This little village is so picturesque.

This is St. Andrew's Church in the background.  Like so many churches we would see on this trip, it was surrounded by an old cemetery.

This was the original manor house of the village.  It is now a hotel, named the Manor House Hotel.

Another view of the village.

The leaves on the trees were starting to turn which made the views extra special.

The next village we went to was Bilbury.  It is called "the most beautiful village in England."  While we were there it was pouring rain and we did not, for health reasons, walk around the village.  Here are some pictures I managed to take when the rain subsided a bit.

This is an example of the rock walls built in the Cotswolds.  They are stacked rocks with no mortar.  We saw these same types of walls when we were in northern Scotland a couple of months ago. 

This row of houses is called Arlington row.  We did not go over there because of the rain and a time factor, but if you google it and look at the images, you will see why this area is called the most beautiful village in England.

Another town we visited was Bourton on the Water.  It was larger than the villages, but just as quaint.  

I made this picture from inside the van as we were leaving the town.  

The final town we visited was Stow-on-the-Wold. 

It was a wonderful tour day in spite of the weather.  

FYI, we used a tour company called Mad Max tours. They do small group tours and I highly recommend them.

On Friday, we took a tour that included Stonehenge. I will share about that tour on the next post.



  1. The villages are surreal, magical. What a nice place.

    1. I know Peter, it is hard to believe these villages are so well preserved.


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