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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dublin, Ireland

Dear Family and Friends,

If there is one thing I discovered about Dublin, it is that there is a pub on just about every block.  

Again, we saw many old brick buildings.

We did the Hop On, Hop Off tour.  A good way to see the city, but a terrible way to try and take pictures.

Dublin is the home of Guinness Beer.  You can bet the visitors center was very crowded since they have free samples.

I will say this for Guinness, it tastes a lot better when brewed in Dublin.  Very good beer, much better than the Guinness brewed in the U.S.

When Chuck saw the picture of him on the tour bus, he decided to buy a REAL hat.  We went shopping in a tweed shop.

After that, he shopped for some pipe tobacco, sporting in his new tweed hat.

We also toured the old prison (Kilmainham Gaol Museum.)  My pictures did not come out good enough to share but it was really interesting.  One thing we learned is that during the potato famine, people would commit petty crimes just to be thrown in prison.....because they would be fed there.

They put kids in prison as young as 8 years old for no more than stealing a handkerchief.  

Dublin was fun, but time to move on.

The next city we went to was Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I will share about that next time.



  1. Never been to Ireland, Shelagh is Irish, from county Donegal. Someday we'l gomthere and tour the country side. Great oictures! A pint of Guiness is like roast beef dinner to me...

    1. Ireland was fun...hope you two are able to go soon.


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