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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Corfu, Greece

Dear Family and Friends,

The day after visiting Montenegro, our ship docked in Corfu, Greece.  Corfu is an island off of Greece's northwest coast.  

The town of Corfu was close to where we docked.  Chuck and I spent a few hours in the old city that was all pedestrian only cobblestone streets.

Below are some pictures of our laid back visit.

The first thing we noticed is that there were a lot of leather shops.  It is interesting that the older we get the less need we have to purchase.  However, we enjoyed looking at all the  beautifully crafted leather items.

I asked this local gentleman if I could take his picture.  He looks exactly like what I have pictured in my mind of how a Greek man looks.

We were definitely in the tourist section of town.  All kinds of shops with wares to tempt the shoppers.  Below is a cute shopping bag that caught my eye.

Of course they had shops offering local goodies.  This pastry was being fried right in front of the store.  It looked so good, I had to try.  It looks so much better than it tasted.

I would have been better off with the baklava instead.

They also had a lot of shops that featured ceramics.  All of the items in this picture are pitchers.  

Below is tourist Chuck in his Chinese t-shirt and Ecuador sweater.  

We looked at the local offerings of fresh fruit.

This is a typical side street.  

More ceramics for sale.

The plaza where we stopped for lunch.  It was very charming and lunch was delicious.  

Last view of the old town of Corfu before we headed back to the ship.

Our next stop was Katakolon, Greece.  I will share about that stop in my next post.


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