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Monday, November 9, 2020

Exploring Ecuador - Day 7 - Quilotoa - a volcanic crater lake

Dear Family and Friends,

During our stay at the Black Sheep Inn, we took a day trip to Quilotoa, a lake that is in the crater of a blown out volcano.  It is like crater lake in Oregon, except it is over 10,000 ft. in altitude.

We did not spend a lot of time at the lake.  It is possible to hike all around the rim of the lake.  In fact just yesterday, I saw an article by a travel photographer about hiking around the lake.  If you are interested here is the link:  Hike Article

No doubt that the lake is beautiful.  What fascinated me more were the people and the llamas all along our road trip.  The highway is shared with people, llamas, dogs, pigs, you name it.  

I learned something on this trip that I did not know.  I thought llamas were only in the national parks here in Ecuador.  I did not realize how much they are still used as pack animals, especially at the very high altitudes.

Check this out.  This man has his pig on a leash.   The pig is too small to be going to market, just out for a little walk I guess.

Amazing people who depend on amazing animals.  

These people make my heart swell.  They are so knowledgeable about nature.  I told Chuck that these people could most likely survive a cataclysmic event where we could not.  They have so much knowledge that we do not have.  I say this as I am using my computer on wifi, I can't cook a dish without looking on youtube first.  

Speaking of people and llamas, here is a pair.  You put some glasses on that llama and these two could be brothers.  

These last two pictures tell a little story.  I saw this woman ahead in the road and asked Chuck to stop.  This woman came up to Chuck's window and asked for some money.  From the passenger side of the car, as he gave her money, I could see that there could be a photo opportunity.

YES!!  That tyke on the llama got curious about my cell phone.  He leaned over so he could get a better look through Chuck's window.   "CLICK"  got it!!  This might be my best photo ever.  Not bad for an amature.  Sometimes you just get lucky.

That's about it for this post.  Next time I will share some pictures of the city of Ambato.  

Nancy and Chuck


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