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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Chan Chan, Peru - What happened???

Dear Family and Friends,

Before I share the photos I made while visiting Chan Chan, I am posting a link to a short National Geographic video about this ancient city.  I think you will appreciate my pictures after you take a minute to watch this video.

After taking the bus back to Trujillo, we wanted to see one more site archeological site.  Chan Chan.  

If you watched the video above the photos I share below will make sense.  

When the Spanish arrived in 1534, the city of Chan Chan was abandoned.

Chan Chan is located very near the ocean.  Fishing was very important to their survival.  Remember the reed fishing boats?  They used these boats for fishing.  These boats are still used today.

This first photo is an example of what the last King would have worn.  He would be carried around on a platform balanced on shoulders of his guards.

This photo is of sea otters that were carved into the walls.  

Below the fish and waves are represented in this art work.  Notice the pelicans depicted along the bottom of the wall.

A closer look at the fishes and a wave.

The section of the site that is still there is covered.  This is to protect it from rain.  The section in front is a replica of a fish net.  

The round circles depict a full moon.  These folks worshiped the moon more than the sun.

This is a carving of their god.

Below is a photo of what the site looked like in 1988 before the protective roof was built.

We enjoyed looking back into Pre-Colombian history of this part of Peru.  

The next day we flew from Trujillo to Lima.  From Lima, Peru to Quito, Ecuador and from Quito to Cuenca (home) all in one day.   

We are home now and thinking about our next trip to the USA.  We have a granddaughter who is getting married, a grandson graduating from high school and other family to visit before returning to Cuenca.  

Thank you for joining us in this Peru trip.



  1. I loved the video and the pictures. Thank you guys for taking us along.

    1. Linda, Thank you for traveling with us.

    2. That was very interesting and not at all eaten up by the today commercialism. Refreshing


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