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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Kimblers Visit

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week I decided to ride Bus #4 to the end of the line to see where it goes. The bus climbed into the nearby hills and when it came to the end of the line I got off so I could look around. It was a wonderful sight. I was at the end of the world it seemed. In front of me was corn fields and in the distance were the foothills of the Caja mountains. Chuck and I have traveled to the end of the line of several buses and we are always delighted with the journey and where we find ourselves. It is a great way to get to know the surrounding area since we do not have a car.

On Sunday our friends from home (Richland, WA), Randy and Karen Kimbler, arrived. We have enjoyed visiting with them and showing them Cuenca.

On the Sunday, after they arrived we walked along the river to our favorite sushi restaurant. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we walked into town to have a nice lunch. Randy is vegan and we have located many restaurants that have vegetarian items on their menus. Yesterday we went to the market and bought loads of vegetables. Last night Randy cooked us a delightful dinner.

Randy and Karen are considering moving to Cuenca when they retire. They are going to be looking at property while they are here. Randy is also interested in the availability of scooters. He and Chuck will have a great time exploring the dealerships around town.

Nancy and Chuck

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