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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terrace Garden

Dear Family and Friends,

Today, I am going share some pictures of one of Chuck's pastimes since we have been here. The apartment we are renting is surrounded by terraces. Every week Chuck goes to the Feria Libre market and buys one or two new plants. He brings them home on the bus. He then goes to the Coral Centro and buys potting soil. Last, he goes across the street to the potter and buys a pot or two. He then lovingly pots each plant. Since we have been here, Chuck has made our terrace beautiful with flowers.

Two plant stalls among the many he has to choose from at the market.

A few of Chuck's plants on our terrace.




Our LEMON TREE is starting to produce

Another photo of what I think is a BLEEDING HEART. If anyone can verify this or supply the proper name, I would appreciate knowing.

Our friends, Karen and Randy, left for home last Sunday. Chuck and I have been alone this week. We have many guests coming during March and are looking forward to the exciting month ahead.

Nancy and Chuck


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  2. The pictures of the flowers are just breathtaking. Beautiful work:)

  3. Nancy,

    I happened to stumble upon your blog today. How jealous I am that you and your husband get to spend 7 months in the wonderful country of Ecuador and Cuenca no less! Many, many years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador, spent most of the time in Azogus, but had the opportunity to go to Cuenca for the weekend -- What a beautiful city! I have strong memories of going to a restaurant high in the mountains outside of Cuenca, passing people who were having a festival, roasting Ecuadorian delicacies.

    Enjoy your time!

  4. Glad you are ok and not flodded. The plants look wonderful. Marshall and Sharon are looking forward to their visit. I spoke with them at our local wine tasting.
    Susan Gartner

  5. Nancy, I don't think it's a bleeding heart - the leaves look like they are in the nightshade family - perhaps this is another relative of the tree tomato?


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