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Friday, February 22, 2008

Double Decker Bus Tour of Cuenca II

Dear Family and Friends,

I am going to share more pictures today from the double decker bus tour we took of Cuenca the other day. This first picture is of the Tomebamba river. This is the largest of the rivers in Cuenca. We live only a couple of blocks from this river.

We have had so much rain lately that the river is full to capacity. It would be great for white water rafting right now.

As we went past the 10th of August market I took this picture of the other side of the street. All of these women have the same hats (white with blue hat bands).

The double decker tour bus is new here in Cuenca. So far the city has not raised the electric and telephone wires. So in a few spots everyone has to duck to keep from getting decapitated. Here is a picture of Karen and Randy protecting their heads as we go down a particularly dicey street.

Since the bus is relatively new, it causes a lot of interest among the pedestrians as we pass.

The tour took us to Turi, a nearby village on the side of the hills south of Cuenca. I used my telephoto to take this picture and doctored it up so I can show you where we are living. The red arrow points to the coliseum and the yellow arrow points to our apartment building. We live on the back side of this building.

This last picture I am sharing is of De Todos los Santos church. It is located on the hillside behind the Tomebamba river.

If we don't strangle from the rain, we will update you on Cuenca life again soon.

Nancy and Chuck

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