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Friday, March 21, 2008

Seeing George & Ruby Off

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning, our guests, George and Ruby will depart to Quito for a couple of days, before they begin their trip back to Washington state. Last night they treated Chuck and I to dinner at an Argentina style steak house. We had a wonderful meal with two wonderful people.

This afternoon, about 5:00 pm, Chuck and I will head to the Cafe Eucalyptus to meet up with friends we have made while in Cuenca. Each Friday evening, the Cafe Eucalyptus is a meeting place for English speaking expats and tourists. If you are living or visiting in Cuenca, it is a great place to get information about almost anything.

Click here to see Cafe Eucalyptus website.

Today is Good Friday. There is a procession of the stations of the cross, scheduled tonight about 8:oo pm, starting at San Blas and ending at the cathedral. We hope to be able to view this event and I will photograph the best I can, as it will be dark and we will keep our fingers crossed for good weather as this is the rainy season. If I can get any pictures, you can bet I will share them with you.

Nancy and Chuck