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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday


Last night we went to see the procession held on Good Friday. It was not like others we have seen. For one thing, it was done at night. It was a procession of the people. Chuck and I and a couple of other tourists were the only onlookers.

It was very somber. The people were carrying candles and there were loud speakers broadcasting the priest from the cathedral. He was telling about the death of Jesus.

There were several thousand people. They walked very slowly and prayed in unison. It was mass humanity for about five solid blocks.

There were two icons being carried. One of the Virgin Mary and the other of Jesus on the cross.

Chuck and I stepped up a couple of steps into a doorway or we would have been swept along with the crowd.

I am glad we went. It was an awesome sight to witness.

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On Easter Sunday our new guests, Judy Keplinger and Brad Stokes, will be arriving. We are looking forward to seeing them and sharing Cuenca with them.

Nancy and Chuck