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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was Easter and Chuck and I were surprised that many of the stores and restaurants were open for business.

We now have the keys to our new condo, so we invited our neighbors, Bill and Christa, to see our new place. We walked over and enjoyed the beautiful weather along the way. After we were through we walked to a restaurant and had a terrific lunch.

Today, I will share pictures I have made of our condo. You will need to use your imagination because it is empty. We will just lock it up when we return to the U.S. in April. We will wait to furnish it when we come back to Ecuador next December.

This is the front door. It opens into the dinning area. This is quite common in Ecuador. For me this will be a decorating challenge. The door to the left goes into the kitchen. The floors are ceramic tile, which is also quite common in Ecuador.

I don't think you can tell from this picture, but the kitchen has no appliances. In Ecuador, when people sell their homes, they take all appliances with them. So we will need to buy a stove and refrigerator.

We have two patios, one which is visible and accessible from the living room. The other and larger one is accessible from the kitchen and the master bedroom. Each of the patios are enclosed by at least a 20 ft. wall, which makes them very private. Chuck will have a wonderful time landscaping these patios. The larger patio, off from the kitchen has a nice barbecue. The patios sold the house to us because Chuck loves to garden.

This is one of the bedrooms that open to the patio. We have three bedrooms, but will use one as an office for our computers. Of course the other bedroom will be a guest bedroom. All of the bedrooms have hardwood floors.

This room was the selling factor for me. A nice big tiled bathroom with a soaking tub and a walk in shower.

Our condo is on the first floor. Unlike where we are renting now, we will not have a view of the mountains. We will only have the view of our patios. The weather is so pleasant here year around we think we will get much pleasure from them.

We have great neighbors at our new home. And we are so appreciative to have found such a comfortable place.

Last night our friends, Judy and Brad, arrived from the U.S. They will spend the week with us enjoying Cuenca. I will share pictures of our adventures with them in our next blog.


Nancy and Chuck