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Monday, July 21, 2008

One Chance in a Million!

As part of our moving to Ecuador, Chuck and I read the Ecuador Forums every day. This is a site where you can talk with others who actually live in Ecuador already or are planning to possibly relocate some time in the future. The link is a great place for getting questions answered.

The other day I was reading this site and saw that a person, Bob Wilson, had introduced himself from Washington state. Another reader posted our blog for him to read since we too are from Washington and are moving to Cuenca.

Sunday night Chuck and I received a phone call from Bob. He had been to our blog and was surprised to find that we live in the same town. Since Richland is a town of about 35,000 people, this is quite a coincidence.

What is really a coincidence is that Bob and his wife, Sonia live only on the next block. Yes, we are in hollering distance of each other.

Bob and Sonia came over tonight and we exchanged our ideas about Ecuador, Mexico (Sonia's home country) and retirement abroad in general.

We have other friends, Randy and Karen, from Richland who are planning on retiring in Cuenca also. We hope to be getting us all together soon.

Here is a picture of Chuck, Sonia and Bob as we visited this evening.

Goodness! Would the last person to leave Richland for retirement elsewhere please turn out the lights!

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