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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Selling our Books

Chuck and I gathered up many of our books and took them 350 miles (round trip) to Portland, Oregon. We love Portland and decided taking the books to sell to Powell's Book Store would be a good excuse to get away.

We loaded up our car trunk and back seat with 16 boxes of books. Two boxes we sold at the main book store and when they found out how many books we had, they suggested we take the rest to their warehouse.

We made enough money from selling the books to pay for our gas, hotel and entertainment in Portland. We are starting to feel lighter.

I have been busy this past month selling things on ebay.

Tuesday, we are off to Seattle to visit family. From there, we will fly to Dallas, TX on Thursday and spend a couple of weeks with my mom. Then on to Georgia....more family.....and finally to Puerto Rico to visit our daughter and grandson. We will be gone the whole month of August.

We have given away a ton to Goodwill and other items to friends. We still have many things to dispose of yet.

I have many items that I will post on ebay in September.

As Chuck says...."Every little bit counts."

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