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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visiting Family in Puerto Rico

After we left Georgia, Chuck and I flew down to Puerto Rico to visit our daughter and grandson, Kylie and Bryce. Kylie is in the Coast Guard and lives near San Juan.

Kylie and Bryce were excellent tour guides. One of the first things we did was visit the San Cristobal Fort . Construction was begun in 1765 and completed in 1783. It was the largest fortification built by Spain in the new world.

Here is Chuck in the main plaza.

Kylie and Bryce enjoying the view from a window overlooking the city.

From one side you could see the ocean view.

From the other side we saw one of three cruise ships docked there.

We also toured "Old San Juan." It is a fun place for strolling and sightseeing. There were many vendors selling the usual tourist items, but since Chuck and I are busy downsizing, it was hard to get enthusiastic about buying souvenirs to bring back home.

We went to a place that claims to be where the Pina Calada was invented in 1963.

We had no trouble there doing what all tourists must do......taste testing the "original."

In the town plaza, Poppi advised Bryce on how to get pigeons to eat from your hand.

Of course, it was to inviting not to get into the action. Here Poppi has a bird in each hand and Bryce is quite impressed.

Parking in old town can be a nightmare. But since Kylie could park at the Coast Guard station, we were able to be parked right in the thick of things.

While in Puerto Rico, we visited El Yunque National Forest, a rain forest.

Here is Kylie and Bryce standing in front of Coca waterfall.

This is the Yokahu tower located in the rain forest. It was built by the CCC during the depression. Chuck, Kylie and Bryce climbed to the top while I kept guard at the base.

While we were visiting Byrce had his four year birthday party. It was a "cowboy" party.

The kids were all costumed in cowboy hats, marshal badges and bandannas. Kylie gave Bryce a well planned party. The children, dug for gold (gold spray painted rocks) and made "dirt heads" by filling a stocking with grass seed, then dirt. They glued eyes, nose and mouth on their little dirt heads.

Here is a finished "dirt head" after a few weeks growth.

Bryce enjoyed opening his gifts...

and I enjoyed watching the adult supervision of "whacking the piƱata.

Before leaving Puerto Rico, Kylie took us for a tour of the Bacardi distillery.

Thanks Kylie and Bryce. We had a wonderful visit.

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