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Monday, February 2, 2009

My Mom in Ecuador - Incredible!

Dear Family and Friends,

On Friday morning we called a taxi to take Jim and Audrey to the airport. They are heading back home - reluctantly I am sure. Cuenca is such a nice place that most people leave reluctantly. But we know they will be back before too long.

Here is Chuck waiting with Jim and Audrey for their taxi in front of our condo.

Chuck and I cleaned house on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning I cooked blackeyed peas in preparation for a very special Mom. My brother, Norman, and his wife, Nancy (yes there are two of us Nancys) brought mom down to visit for a week. They flew in to Guayaquil Saturday. Chuck and I took the bus to Guayaquil to meet them at the airport.

The bus ride to Guayaquil is very beautiful if it is not to foggy to see. It rained all the way there but I was able to get a few pictures from the bus window.

You can see how the clouds are hugging the top of the mountains.

The windy road below is where we had just been a few minutes ago.

We arrived in Guayaquil and went and checked into our hotel. We then took a taxi to the airport and met Norman, Nancy and Mom.

On Sunday morning we had the hotel buffet breakfast together.

After breakfast we walked across the street to the Park of the Iguanas.

Cute little fellas,

They look a little scary but are completely harmless. Here is Mom feeding one some cabbage.

Here is mom and Norman enjoying the park bench.

After visiting the park we took a short walk down to the river.

Here is mom inspecting one of the many statues.

Chuck had arranged for a private van to pick us up and take us all to Cuenca. We drove back over the Caja mountains. This time is was foggy all the way so no views.

But it was nice to be delivered right to our condo.

We enjoyed the blackeyed peas and settled down to rest up for a very full week.


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