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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sharing Cuenca with Matt

Dear Family and Friends,

Our son Matt has spent a couple of weeks with us in Cuenca. He flew back with us when we returned from the U.S. For those readers of this blog, who know Matt, you know what a very special person he is. We have had a wonderful time showing him our new home in Cuenca.

Just a day before we left to come to Ecuador Matt purchased his first ever digital camera. He has been taking many pictures and will have some great shots to share with his friends back home. He turns out to be quite a photo journalist.

Here are Matt and Chuck in the Park of the Iguanas in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

One thing we like to do with all of our visitors is take them on the double deck bus tour of Cuenca. Here is Matt lathered in sunscreen, wearing a protective hat and sunglasses and armed with his camera.

When we got to Turi, the tour bus stopped high above Cuenca for a great view. There was a vendor there selling "Salchipapas", an Ecuadorian favorite street food consisting of fries and a weiner. Matt had a go with this national fast food.

Here is a close up of Matt's treat.

When Matt and Chuck get together there is always a lot of clowning around.

Payback time: One thing about someone else holding the camera is that you never know what they may capture. Here is a picture Matt took of an Ecuadorian woman we all know and love snoozing in the plaza.

Matt keeps up with this blog and one thing he really wanted to do while visiting here was ride in the back of a Mixto. A Mixto is an extended cab pick up truck that is used as a taxi. People use them to haul large quanities of goods to and from the market.

Matt has had a terrific time with us. We are flying to Quito on Friday morning where we will visit the equator. Matt will be able to straddle the equator and be in two hemispheres at once. Then Matt and I will fly back to the U.S. I will return to Cuenca a few days after that.

We are hoping that Matt will spend all his vacations with us in Ecuador.


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  1. Looks like you have a return visitor, there will be no stopping him now! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!kk


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