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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids and Grandkids - All Together!!

Dear Family and Friends,

After visiting my family in Dallas, TX I returned to Seattle, WA. I had a first time experience on the flight. A crew was filming a reality TV show on our plane. It was for a show called "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" or something like that. They were filming a couple going from Texas to Seward, Alaska to be married.

Here is a picture I took of the filming on the plane.

During my time away from Ecuador, Chuck had stayed in Cuenca and then went to a meeting in Hamburg, Germany. He arrived in Seattle a day before I did. He picked me up at the airport and it was a grand reunion since we had not seen each other in six weeks.

Our next few days were spent having our own family reunion. Our older daughter, Merri, who lives in Minnesota drove out to Washington with her nine (9) children. Here they are:

Our younger daughter, Kylie flew to Washington from Puerto Rico with our grandson, Bryce. Heidi and Cannon, our other two grandchildren live in Washington. So for the first time ever we had all 12 grandchildren together at once. We had kids sleeping on the floor all over the place. It was a great time having all our kids and grandkids together at once.

Here are a few pictures of those few day:

Our daughter, Merri with the youngest grandchild, Raven Lee

Some of the kids at a rest stop from Seattle to Richland.

Exhausted babies in the back seat of the car on the three hour drive to Richland.

We had a family picnic in our backyard.

Here is Bryce and Cannon doing their water tricks for me in the bath tub.

Life is Good!!

After our kids had gone, Chuck and I busied ourselves getting ready to return to Ecuador. Matt, our middle son (not the one that was sick), came back with us to have a vacation in Ecuador.

We are glad to be back home in Cuenca!

Nancy and Chuck

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