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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dining with Friends and my Cell Phone Protection Idea

Dear Family and Friends,

We are really starting to make progress. Not only have we ordered our dining room furniture, we have now ordered our living room furniture and drapes. They are to be delivered in one month, but we forgot to ask if it was one month calendar time or Ecuador time.

Our new refrigerator that we bought on Saturday was due to be delivered on Tuesday and as of right now we are still waiting for delivery. Maybe today.

The reason that deciding on the furniture took so long is that we wanted to make sure we were getting the right colors of fabric. In order to know which colors to select we have been on a quest for art to use in that area.

We chose a print from a painting that was done by my cousin, Bo Bartlett. The name of the painting is "Goddess." She will be hung above our sofa. You can see a picture of this print by going to Bo's website.

Monday, at 10:00 am, Chuck went to his dentist to have his teeth cleaned and a couple of small fillings done. While there, his dentist said he needed to have a root canal done so she scheduled him with a dentist that specializes in root canals. Incredibly, he was in the office of the dental specialist by 4:00 pm having the root canal done. In the USA this would have been at least a month long process.

In our building, the first floor consists of three condos. All three condos are occupied by english speaking residents from the states. Our neighbors, Henry and Sue Skaggs and their two boys vacated their condo, 1A, and moved back to Florida at the end of June. Our new neighbors moved into their condo within 2 or 3 days of their departure.

Before we left on our trip we met them but have had little opportunity to really get to know them. Our other neighbor, David, has been traveling also so we have not had the opportunity to properly welcome Scott and Angie to Los Almendros. On Tuesday evening we all gathered at an Italian restaurant for dinner. All of us, that is, except Chuck who was a little under the weather.

Here we all are gathered around the table.

As I said in my last post, I am doing a lot of walking trying to shed some weight. On Monday, while Chuck was busy with dental work, I walked from our condo to the center of town. I am guessing it is a distance between 1.5 and 2 miles. I had a great walk and enjoyed looking in windows and bumming around town. When I got on the bus for my return trip home I realized that my cell phone was missing. I tried to remember if I had actually brought it with me or if I had left it at home. When I got home I searched all around but no cell phone. I was miffed at the thief and I was miffed at myself for allowing this to happen. This is the third cell phone I have had stolen in the last eight months.

On Tuesday I bought a new cell phone. I had the sim card in my stolen phone canceled and my old cell phone number transferred to a new cell phone. I also came up with what I hope is a thief proof place to keep my phone.

What do you think???

Put phone in waist pack

zip it up...

and cover it up!!!

Wednesday morning, Chuck was feeling better. He and Ozzie went to the market. We had a dinner planned last night so Chuck was armed with a shopping list: shrimp, tomatoes, basil and bananas. He also brought home a pound of coffee, four pink impatiences for the patio and a couple of dozen beautiful roses.

After their market adventure, Chuck, Ozzie and I walked up the street to eat at Ricky's, a new restaurant located on Lamar y Ave. de las Americas.

Here is Chuck and Ozzie enjoying their outdoor lunch.

We also had a nice dinner last night with David, Christa, Wolfgang and Patty. Wolfgang is David's motorcycle buddy. They have cycled all over Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. Wolfgang lives in Germany and David spent a couple of months over there this summer cycling Europe. They will be heading out again this weekend so we nabbed them for dinner before they left.

Patty, Wolfgang, David, Christa and Chuck in our bowling alley dining room. We put the kitchen table and plastic patio table in the dining room so we could all sit together. I made a shrimp pasta with basil and feta cheese. I found the recipe on the internet and it turned out great. Chuck supplied the dessert by going to the German bakery.

The workmen that I was waiting for on Monday finally arrived today to finish our patio enclosure. Well, they arrived to put the roof on anyway. We are hoping that the project will be completed shortly. We are anxious to start using it.

I hope to be showing a picture of our new refrigerator and of the completed patio project shortly.

Have a great day.


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