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Sunday, August 30, 2009

RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME - Yes, it can and it did happen

Dear Family and Friends,

Friday night, Chuck and I walked downtown to go to the ex-pat gathering at the Eucalyptus Cafe. We had a good time catching up on our friends' news and meeting new people.

Here are some of the expats gabbing at the Eucalyptus Cafe.

Around 7:00 pm a group of us went to Akelarre, located in Hotel Inca Real, for dinner. The dinner was great. We had so much fun, laughing and joking, that we may have driven some of the other customers away.

After dinner, the waiter brought our checks. Chuck and I were surprised to find that we had two checks. Upon close inspection, I noticed that one check was dated the first part of July. I looked at the waiter and he explained to me that when we were there last time we had left without paying. It can and it did happen. We eat there about once a month. He knew us and knew that one day we would return, so he saved the check for us. We were a little embarrassed that we would do such a thing and happily paid both checks plus gave him a generous tip.

Do you remember back in June when Chuck and I forgot a dinner engagement? We had met a new couple and were invited to their home for dinner. We forgot about the invitation and failed to show up. Yes, it can and did happen. It was at this most embarrassing time that I realized I needed to maintain a desktop calendar on my computer. I have faithfully maintained it since and am happy to report that we have not missed one date or appointment.

Last week we received an email from our friends Nancy and Rich. They were inviting us to dinner on Saturday night. I added it to the calendar as I have trained myself to do. Chuck and I didn't bother going to the market Saturday morning because our social calendar was pretty full for the next few days.

Saturday afternoon we showered and gussied up about as much as we ever gussy up, grabbed a bottle of wine and walked over to Rich's and Nancy's apartment. We rang the doorbell, waited a minute and rang it again. Rich opened the door and seemed a little surprised to see us. I asked, "Are we the first ones here?" He said "You sure are. In fact you are a week early, it's next Saturday." Yes, it can and it did happen.

Rich and Nancy are some of the coolest people we know. They said that since we were there we might as well drink the wine. So Rich poured a round of wine for everyone and we sat and visited. Here is Chuck and Rich.

Since we hadn't had dinner and neither had they, we walked up to Ricky's restaurant for a bite to eat. We had a great time and the food was good. After dinner we walked over to La Fornace for ice cream.

Rich enjoying his banana split.

As it turned out, Rich and Nancy were very gracious. They laughed with us about my mistake. We ended up having a very fun impromptu evening. Sometimes those are the best times of all.

Today, we met Carol and Lee (they own and operate Carolina Bookstore here in Cuenca specializing in English books ... new and used) at Ricky's restaurant. This was the third time this weekend we ate there. We certainly didn't mind, as they have a very expansive menu.

Chuck tried pushing the Cuy pizza. Cuy is guinea pig, a favorite food of Ecuadorians. Carol, Lee and I declined and ordered pasta instead. Chuck, the adventurer, ordered the Cuy pizza and ate every bite.

Here he is chowing down.

We had a good meal and caught up on all the news from Carol and Lee. Then we once again walked to La Fornace for ice cream. We walked back home with full tummies in a misty rain.

Our new refrigerator came on Thursday and we are happy with it.

Here is the roof over our patio. Hugo said that next week he would complete the project with a glass sliding door.

Chuck has another dental appointment tomorrow and I am going back to the ceramic factory on Tuesday. Most of all, we are looking forward to having dinner at Rich's and Nancy's place next Saturday. (September 5). I have it marked on our calendar.

We may be a little forgetful, but we sure are happy.


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  1. Well - the night I had dinner at your house in Cuenca, when I was visiting back in June, I had accidentally double-booked that evening and missed out on Sushi with Eric and Jeanine! They were there at the restaurant waiting for me while I was at your place. Ooops.

    The patio looks nice, congrats!
    David Workman


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