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Monday, September 7, 2009

Productive Week

Dear Family and Friends,

We wish all of you folks in the USA a nice Labor (free) Day today. Here in Ecuador it is the first day of school for all the youngsters. Chuck was at the Mall del Rio yesterday and he said it was very crowded with families doing last minute back to school shopping.

This past week has been very productive for us. We received our dining room table, chairs and buffet. We were not expecting it this soon so we were pleasantly surprised.

This first picture is of the delivery man assembling the table.

Here is the furniture after we got it into place.

We hope to get our living room furniture soon. We still have pictures to hang and rugs to buy but we are getting there.

The workers finally showed up to complete our patio cover. They completed the roof week before last and at the end of this past week the glass guys showed up to complete the project.

This is how it looked as they were getting started.

And this is how it looks, all complete.

Chuck and I ordered some patio furniture and we hope to have it in the next couple of weeks.

You may recall that Chuck and I showed at Nancy's & Rich's house a week early to have dinner week before last. Well, this past Saturday night (Sept. 5) Chuck and I gussied up again and walked over to Nancy's and Rich's house and were happy to find out that we got it right this time.

There were eight of us altogether. Chuck and I are so grateful to have such wonderful friends. We talked, laughed, ate and drank the evening away (well at least to 9:00pm.) Nancy and Rich prepared the most delicious lasagna. It was a perfect dinner with chocolate sundaes for dessert.

Here is Rich stir frying the veggies just before dinner.

And here we all are woofing it down.

Nancy and Rich have a fun blog they maintain about their experiences here in Cuenca. You can view it by clicking here.

Yesterday we met some friends in Paute at the Corvel restaurant. We ate outside and the weather and food was wonderful. After lunch we walked to the Paute Sunday market and looked around. Again, we are grateful for such wonderful friends. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos that were worth posting.

Luckily, we are going to Paute again this Thursday with the same group that was at Nancy's and Rich's house for dinner. I will do a better job of recording the event.

Believe it or not...Chuck had his cell phone stolen this weekend. He now has it replaced and still has the same cell phone number. I'm not sure what security method he will come up with but maybe he will adopt here.

Life is good.

Nancy and Chuck

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