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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arts, Crafts and Entertainment Week in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been posting lately about the parades and festivities around our city. The excitement has been building for the last couple of weeks. This Tuesday, November 3, is Independence Day for Cuenca. Cuenca declared their independence from Spain on November 3, 1820.

Since yesterday, there have been parades, symphonies, art exhibits, arts and crafts fairs, a rodeo, a circus, a carnival with rides, and much more happening all around town. It is quite challenging to decide which events to attend.

Yesterday and today, Chuck and I went to some of the arts & crafts shows. There are multiple venues and we only went to as many as we could handle.

We started out this morning on the number 3 bus and got off at Plaza San Roque where there was a Peruvian arts and crafts display. Here is Chuck discussing some colorful knitted socks with this lady from Cusco.

They had all of their things displayed on blankets on the ground. Mostly, small items they could bring from Peru. A lot of sweaters, purses, socks, gloves and small animals and dolls.

I love their dress. I am including this picture of a Peruvian man from Cusco so you can see the men have remained true to their customs also.

The Madame bought a hat embroidered by Peruvians.

We then walked down 12 of April street to La Plaza de Artes. This is quite new and a great place to buy art year around.

They had women demonstrating weaving.

We continued up the river to Cedap, a cultural museum. There were exhibitors all over their parking lot. Here is Chuck admiring metal work from Riobamba.

Wonderful ceramics. I may have to go back and buy something from these folks.

Across the river from the museum is a nice shady park. This park was full of paintings and what Chuck and I call "hippie jewelry."

A colorful display of earrings.

I bought a painting from this artist. Our picture is not in the photograph but I will post it later.

After buying the painting, we had to take a taxi home. I photographed just some of the booths lining the river, across the street from the park. Maybe we will visit them tomorrow.

We came home and looked at the painting in our house. YES! we did good. It looks great!!

I then settled down for a nap.

Now we are on our way to the Banco Central auditorium for a Tango performance.

More tomorrow...everyday through Tuesday. Will share more as it happens.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Nancy and Chuck

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