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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tango and Gaucho Performance

Dear Family and Friends,

We went with our friends, Carl and Linda, to a tango performance at Banco Central Auditorium last night. The performers were from Argentina and this is just one of many performances taking place over the city during the Cuenca Independence celebration. The dancers will also be performing tonight and tomorrow night for those of you in Cuenca. Last night's performance started at 8:00pm. Since there is no reserved seating, people were starting to line up by 7:30pm. Tickets were on sale at the door.

This first video is of a couple of the tango dancers.

This second video is of a gaucho dancer.

We sat in the balcony and had a great view.

This afternoon we are going to the "fair" at the Plaza de Toros and then on to the entertainment and fireworks at Parque de Madre. Will share pictures from those events later.

Tomorrow night we are going to the Plaza de Toros for Mariachi music. Tickets are on sale for this event at the downstairs optical kiosk in Mall del Rio.

If you are local and want to get out tonight and/or tomorrow night maybe we will see you there.

Nancy and Chuck

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