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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Independence Day!! Viva Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

As if we haven't had enough celebration, we headed out on Tuesday morning, November 3rd to see the Chola Cuenca parade. This is a parade that is similar to the parade we saw a couple of weeks ago when the contestants for the Queen of Cuenca were presented. The difference is that the contestants in this parade are all indigenous. A young lady is selected from each area and of these one is selected to be Chola Cuenca. There were 21 contestants this year.

Besides, electing Chola Cuenca, each area had a dance group to compete in the folkloric dance competition.

The parade was staging at San Blas as we arrived. I have begun to go to the beginning of the parades in order to get pictures. Here are some young ladies adding the finishing touches to their costumes.

This little one was patiently waiting on the float for the parade to begin.

A group of dancers willing to pose...

Another little beauty waiting for the parade to begin...

While I am running around taking pictures, Chuck patiently waits on a park bench.

A little entertainment while the parade is staging...

This sweet one is wearing her mother's hat...

We walked up the street to watch the parade go by and ran into Carl and Linda. Carl and Linda have spent the last couple of weeks visiting Cuenca. We met Carl a couple of years ago when he was here taking Spanish classes.

Yes, Chuck is wearing my hat.

Here are some pictures I took of the parade...

At the end of the parade the float with the 21 Chola Cuenca contestants passed.

After the parade, Chuck and I went home to rest because we were having dinner with Carl and Linda and then we were going to Parque Calderon for the main Independence Day celebration.

Carl, Linda and Chuck at dinner...

Carl and Linda headed off to Quito on Wednesday to continue their tour of Ecuador.

Things are starting to settle down and Cuenca is getting back to normal. Too bad.



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