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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cuenca Fair

Dear Family and Friends,

On Sunday we went to the Cuenca fair. "Cuenca fair" is my name...they call it "Com-Agri". This is held in Ceunca every year during the independence day celebrations.

Here are the fun seekers... Chuck, Nancy, Rich and Ossie.

We were the only gringos there.

I was quite amazed how similar their fair was to a county fair in the USA. There were some differences...for example, I don't know of any fair in the states that serves up "cuy" aka guinea pig.

But they had commercial displays, agricultural displays, animals, rides and lots of food.

This booth was selling hand made guitars.

This is a display showing how hydroponic lettuce is grown.

Cooking ribs the Argentina method...

An interesting ride. It was sort of like a merry-go-round, but mostly had small vehicles for the kids to ride in. I got tickled at the horses. They were the spring type horse that were bolted to the ride and the kids could rock while going around.

We enjoyed viewing the fair attendees just as they enjoyed viewing us.

Here is Nancy, the horse whisperer. She and Rich had a ranch in Oregon before moving to Cuenca.

The only people taller than Rich at the fair were the guys on stilts.

Last night, Chuck, Nancy, Rich, Bruce, Charlie and I went to the mariachi concert at the plaza de toros (bull ring). I became ill and had to leave, but what we witnessed was quite unusual. We bought what we thought were the best seats, but they were the hardest chairs I have every experienced and the spotlights behind the stage almost blinded us. They kept shining in our eyes instead of on the stage. While the musicians were playing, fireworks were being shot off inside the arena and hawkers were busy selling blinky lights, beer, chips and cigarettes. Since Chuck and I had to bail out early, we have not had a chance to get feedback regarding how the others enjoyed the evening. Maybe my version is tainted because I was not feeling well.

Today is the day of Cuenca's independence. All the festivities have been leading up to today. There is more going on today than can be attended. Chuck and I have chosen to go to the "Chola Parade" and to view the election of the "Chola Cuencana."

Tonight we will meet Carl and Linda for dinner and then go to Parque Calderon for the festivities there.

Will share pictures tomorrow.


Nancy and Chuck

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